The Barry P. Murphy Collection of

Severan Denarii

Septimius Severus Caracalla Julia Domna Geta Plautilla
Rome Rome Rome Rome Rome
Laodicea Laodicea Laodicea Laodicea Laodicea
Emesa Imitations Emesa Imitations  
Alexandria   Alexandria    
Imitations   Imitations    


On the following pages are the accumulation of nearly 5 years of collecting. My interest in Severan denarii began in the spring of 1998 when I had the opportunity to catalog the Roger Bickford-Smith collection of Severan denarii for CNG Sale 47. I had cataloged 100's of Severan coins before and never given them much thought. But having several hundred coins to study at once, from all the different mints, hooked me. I was most intrigued by the eastern issues, particularly those from 'Emesa' and Alexandria, while my interest in the Rome mint pieces was only secondary. My main collecting objective was not grade, but quality. Nearly every piece, except for a few rarities, is on nice, porous free flan and well centered, with all the important details clearly visible. So for example, on the short flan issues of 197-198, the dates are clearly visible. My interest hasn't waned and I still plan to study the series, but for now it's time to find new homes for my coins from one of the most fascinating periods in Roman numismatics. 

To navigate these pages use the above links to go to the area you want to see. The pages also flow from one to the next, starting with Septimius Rome proceeding through to Plautilla Laodicea. Enjoy.

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