The Coinage of Thracian Cherronesos

Circa 400-350 BC.

This is a work in progress. Currently just a listing of varieties, future updates will include historical background and hopefully more photos and more varieties. The coinage of Cherronesos is one of the most common types seen on the market today, yet there is no published corpus of the known varieties. As a cataloguer, I have found it quite time consuming to look up these coins, sometimes having to check 10 or more references only to find out that the coin isn't published. I began this list as a quickfinder guide for myself, but soon realized that others might benefit from it as well, so I decided to publish it online. Cross references are given to the standard references; SNG Copenhagen, BMC Thrace, McClean and Weber primarily, with other sources used for varieties not found in these works. Photos have been taken from wherever I can find them; scanned from references and auction catalogs, online listings, my own inventory, or supplied by other collectors. This list is not a corpus of known specimens, but a compendium of the known varieties.  There are currently 125 varieties listed, 99 of which are illustrated. I do have photos of another 5-10 varieties that I haven't been able to identify the symbol. If you are aware of  any varieties not included or photos of examples not illustrated, please contact me at I am not interested in additional photos or additional references to varieties already cited in one of the standard works. Thank you. Barry P. Murphy


Alphabetical Listing of Issues - To speed up loading time, I have split the issues based on the various letters or monogram that appear in one of the incuse squares. This order has no bearing on the order in which the coins were issued.


For those with a high-speed connection - Complete listing

Issues without letters or monograms - 18 varieties

Issues with the letter A - 13 varieties

Issues with AG monogram - 26 varieties

Issues with AY or AT monogram - 2 varieties

Issues with DI - 2 varieties

Issues with LD monogram - 1 variety

Issues with an E - 8 varieties

Issues with EB monogram - 2 varieties

Issue with EP monogram - 1 variety

Issues with an H - 7 varieties

Issues with HP monogram - 2 varieties

Issues with an I - 9 varieties

Issues with a K - 3 varieties

Issues with VE or sometimes LE  monogram - 16 varieties

Issues with ME monogram - 1 variety

Issues with a YP monogram - 1 variety

Issues with an S - 1 variety

Issues with an X - 11 varieties

Issues with an uncertain monogram - 1 variety


Photo Credits

Reid Goldsborough's page on these coins.

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